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Advent Tree Pastel Version

-Count the days till Christmas with mini games-

[Important] Support for the Advent Tree Pastel Version Christmas mini games app has ended.
Support for the Advent Tree Pastel Version Christmas mini games app has ended on January 17, 2020.
Thank you for using the Advent Tree Pastel Version Christmas mini games app.

- End of store sales
- End of application update (All updates such as function addition, version upgrade support, bug fix etc.)
- End of inquiries about the app

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- Advent Tree Pastel Version Christmas mini games app for iOS

January 17, 2020 Update
Kurotekko Co., Ltd.

Christmas is coming.
Let's make fun memories together
with Advent Tree Pastel Version!

Little kids are counting the days until Christmas on their fingers.
Santa Claus, pies, and presents...
There are so many special things about Christmas.
Why save the fun until the Christmas Eve?
This is an Advent calendar app that makes every day of December special.

This is the Pastel version of Advent Tree app from Kurotekko Kids.
Fun mini games and cute ornaments are waiting for you.
Find pleasure in Advent Tree .

The ornaments on the Christmas tree are numbered 1 to 24. They go with the days in December.
Start with the number 1 ornament.
When you tap on the ornament, a fun game will pop up.
Once you beat the game, the ornament will change. Who knows what you will find?
You get a different game with each ornament.
Beat all the games and decorate your own tree!

[The 5 Games You Get to Play]

These are all easy games, but our little friends might need a bit of help when they play.
Have fun with your friends!
Once you open a game, you can play it again later, anytime.

 Make the face of a ginger bread man, Santa Clause...and turn them into ornaments!
 Start with 1, and find the next number!
 Can you find 4 pairs of cards?
・Spot the Difference
 5 differences between the pictures...look close!
・Jigsaw Puzzle
 Put together the 5 pieces!

Fun Tips:
*Don't miss out on the sweet treats from a flying whale!
*Try pulling the rope on the right hand side of the screen...
 Can you find all the neat little tricks in the app?

There will be something waiting for you on the Christmas Day...
Go look under the tree!

[Christmas Card]

Once you've got a great looking tree, why don't you send it as a Christmas card?
You can send it via email, Twitter or Facebook.
Show it off to grandma and grandpa, and all your friends!

[Calendar Mode]

In the 'Calendar' mode, you can play one game a day, starting on December 1st.
The 'Calendar' mode is the best way to open up a game each day and enjoy a journey towards Christmas.

We wish you a fantastic Christmas and a happy new year with this app, Advent Tree Pastel Version !

Kurotekko Kids