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Get Your Fonts

Logo Design App using the fonts installed in iPhone

Simulate your logo design on iPhone!

This app enables you to simulate various fonts installed in iPhone.
You can set background color with alpha value and export the output image (PNG) via E-mail. It's easy to reuse this image file on paint editor.

For Programmers
This app will show the color value for programming,
i.e. (R,G,B)=(255, 128, 1) will be also shown (R,G,B) = (1.000, 0.502, 0.004) at "Export" tab.

Set the alpha value (right side wheel) of BG Color to 0%.
Input characters and set font, size and font color.
E-mail PNG from Export tab.
Open PNG file with PhotoShop and so on.
Copy and paste the characters on the pictures you designed.

Fun to use this app

1. Input your logo by tapping at character area

2. Select the font and its size by wheeling

3. Set the background color

4. Set the character color

5. E-mail output image (PNG) via E-mail to your designers

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